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    Buy a Casino in Northern Cyprus

    by Hasan Yalkın on August 6, 2019
    Buy a Casino in Northern Cyprus

    One of the areas of entertainment in which Northern Cyprus occupies a leading position is gambling establishments or CASINO. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world come to Northern Cyprus to try their luck at gambling. The popularity of casinos in the northern part of the island is growing, primarily due to the fact that in Turkey and in southern Cyprus the purchase of a casino is prohibited. Wealthy clients from Lebanon, Kuwait, Turkey, Russia and other countries often visit Northern Cyprus not only for the sake of relaxation or beautiful weather, but especially for the game.

    Roulettes are used for gambling in a casino, and for gambling games – gaming tables, slot machines and other equipment. The croupier (dealer) is an assistant with the help of which board games are held, he shuffles and deals cards and chips you have won.

    Most casinos in Northern Cyprus are located in five-star hotels. As one of the important components of the night life of Northern Cyprus, casinos operate at the highest level of world standards, and have gained unshakable popularity at the international level. Casinos – tours that are often held in Northern Cyprus, are popular among players around the world. During the casino tours, there are performances by famous singers and artists, entertainment shows, raffles of a wide variety of prizes. Up to 60 tournaments with a prize pool of up to $ 4 million are held in Northern Cyprus annually. The only problem for VIP customers today is a difficult flight to Northern Cyprus, however, negotiations are underway on the possibility of using private jets.

    In Northern Cyprus, there are currently approximately 25 casinos located in all major cities – Girne, Lefkosha, Famagusta. Many of them are larger than European or casinos in the Middle East. The largest casinos in Northern Cyprus include Noah’s Ark, Kaya Artemis, Golden Tulip, Savoy, Merit, Mercure, Malpas.
    Anyone can visit the casino without restrictions, except for local residents, Turkish Cypriots, who are not allowed to enter gambling houses. As a rule, casinos are open from 12 noon to morning; visitors are offered free drinks, food, and cigarettes.
    The TRNC government welcomes the development of gambling houses, because thousands of dollars come into the state budget. And the capital entering the development of this industry is constantly growing.

    We often receive requests for the opportunity to buy a casino in Northern Cyprus. As a rule, existing casinos are not exposed on Internet portals, therefore, with questions about buying, you must contact directly the specialists of our company. The cost of a casino depends on the place, as a rule, rented, the number of slot machines, the number of necessarily rented rooms in a hotel, the number of employees, etc. The casino license is updated annually and is equal to 560 000 euros, as well as taxes for slot machines, regardless of the profit received from them. In case of renting the area under the casino at the hotel, a prerequisite is the rental of rooms in the hotel, payment for which also takes place regardless of their occupancy. However, the owner of the casino has the right to take them not only to his guests, but to tourists who come on vacation. Visitors to casinos living in the hotel can use the entire infrastructure of five-star hotels: pools, jacuzzis, gyms, Turkish baths, discos, clubs, and the beach.
    In addition to the license and rental of premises, in Northern Cyprus you can buy five-star hotels with a casino. Their cost depends on the size, location, readiness. If you are interested in buying a casino in Northern Cyprus, contact the specialists of the Yalkin Group using the contact details on our website.

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